Theatre Network

The international conference 'Theatre Design and Pedagogy: best practice now and strategies for the future’ took place 15-16 March 2018.

The inaugural conference was entitled ‘Theatre and Performance Design Pedagogy Conference: Best Practice and Strategies for the Future’

‘[W]ith every generation of graduates we are in danger of legitimising and setting in stone the prevailing understanding of the artistic disciplines, as they are represented by the institutions.
Heiner Goebbels, Aesthetics of Absence 2015

The network aims to bring together teachers and researchers from a range of international institutions engaged with the teaching of theatre and performance design. It will support current best practice, strategise for the future and provide a forum for interrogating the efficacy of different pedagogical approaches.

Read more about the proposed conference themes, content and our key note speakers: Conference Themes, Content and Key Note Speakers 2018 (PDF 206KB)

Please note this conference has now passed.