Innovation and Business

Connect with the Freshest Creative Thinking

LVMH and BA Fashion's Zero Waste sustainability project

We create bespoke collaborations to take our partners on a transformative journey with Central Saint Martins. Providing connection to the freshest creative thinking in the world, across every discipline, we deliver outstanding projects that achieve – and also challenge – the ambitions of our partners.

We are perception-changers and our community of students, graduates, academic staff and professional creative consultancies work at the forefront of innovation.

Our Unique Offer:

  • Bespoke collaborative opportunities
  • A transformative experience for our partners
  • Groundbreaking ideas across industries and sectors
  • Access to creative talent from over 100 countries worldwide
  • Development of new Intellectual Property
  • Brand association with Central Saint Martins
  • Social engagement projects via CSM Public

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