Lucy Endean

The amount of work I had to do in the first year was enormous. I had three projects to complete over the year and each one was based on a specialist area such as knit, embroidery and print. I was expected to do a lot of work outside of classes too, which meant I had to stay up until the early hours finishing projects. However, having done an art foundation course, I knew that there was going to be a lot of work involved. At least it didn't come as a surprise!

My first year was dreadful. I was living in the East End of London - an area I didn't know well, and it was a bit scary at times. This year I moved over to Shepherds Bush to be nearer to the university. The area is much more student friendly.

There are lots of great things about studying in London. It is home to all the museums and galleries you could ever want and the nightlife is great. Any free time I get is usually spent finishing projects or starting new ones. There is always something to be doing. Otherwise my time is spent with mates, going out and being a typical student.

The other benefits of London include being able to get anything you need for a project, because equipment, fabrics and supplies can be found just around the corner. There are lots of opportunities to get your career up and running too, in terms of getting work experience not least because I can stay at home in London when doing a placement. 

The high point of my course, so far, has been doing a placement with the fashion designer Erdem because, after weeks of toiling away embroidering and running errands, I got to go to London Fashion Week, which was a great experience and well worth all the effort I put in beforehand.

I chose my course because of the opportunities and contacts that the University offers. The fashion course at London College of Fashion is world renowned and graduates tend to be of a high calibre. My graduate fashion show next year, will be seen by industry experts from all over the country, and will hopefully lead to a good job.

There are lots of things I don't like about the fashion industry - I find it incredibly pretentious, and I hate the way that it centres on beautiful people. I don't agree with using size zero models as it promotes unhealthy aspirations for women. If clothes are made well they will look good on anybody, not just skinny models.

The pattern-cutting element of my course is great fun. We get to learn how to make clothes such as suit jackets and trousers properly. As far as this year is concerned, I am really excited about doing corsetry.

Looking beyond that, after I graduate I would like to move to Paris for a few years and get a job in a design house as a print specialist. Looking even further ahead, it is my dream to one day have my own label and take part in the fashion shows.