Art & Design: History & Theory

Find out about the latest research and projects, conducted by UAL researchers, involving art and design: history and theory.

TrAIN is a UAL research centre associated with art and design: history and theory.

You can browse UAL Research Online, the University’s Institutional Repository, for an online showcase of all research produced at University of the Arts London.

  • Black Artists & Modernism (BAM)

    Black Artists & Modernism (BAM) is a three-year research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as a collaboration between University of the Arts London and Middlesex University.

  • Translating and Writing Modern Design Histories

    This project developed a network of native design historians in East Asia (Japan, Korea, PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan). Funded by the AHRC.

  • The Birth of Cool: Style Narratives of The African Diaspora

    Read more about a project considering individual and group style practices in Africa as prisms of cultural and social commentary. Funded by the British Academy.

  • Critical Mass

    Find out more about Critical mass: an oral history of avant-garde film, the new American cinema and beyond. Funded by the British Academy.

  • Forgotten Japonismes

    Read more about the forgotten Japonisme: the taste for Japanese art in Britain and the USA, 1920s-1950s. Funded by the AHRC.

  • Oral History in the Visual Arts

    Find out more about how narrative functions to create, foster and sustain communities of practice, to examine the ethics of the dialogic encounter.