Past EXTRA Funded Projects

Previous events have taken the form of an international exhibition, a touring play, a professional cabaret performance night and a community project.
All projects have had public facing audiences and have had postgraduate students from other colleges and disciplines working together towards thier successful results.

  • EXTRA: Beyond the Borders

    Beyond the Borders project aims were to interact with an undocumented minority Joseonjok community in London. To look to understand something of this community's ambiguity through artistic collaborations in their neighborhoods to attempt to reveal the invisible phenomena. Joseonjok is ethnographically not only in between Chinese and Korean identity, but also South and North Korean.

  • EXTRA: Chelsea Cabaret

    Robyn and Margaret penetrated Chelsea College of Arts, bound the Dean (again), and stilettoed the door shut, to host CHELSEA CABARET, an evening of unabashed queer performances. The line-up included Queerlesque eruption Rubyyy Jones and the legendary Lavinia Co-op, with a ceremonious opening by the one-and-only Pissing Lamp. The Chelsea Cabaret was unchartered territory of performance freedom. With no filming or photography allowed, performers were invited to take risks celebrating avant-garde ideas of difference. First-timers and professional performers came together to inject a juicy wodge of queerness into the dry hole of academia.

  • EXTRA: Project Salon Pavillion at Susak Expo 2016

    Susak Expo is a contemporary art biennale that has taken place on the remote Croatian island of Susak since 2006. With help from the UAL Enhanced 'EXTRA' Postgraduate Communities Fund, Chelsea Salon (founded by Cheslea PhD student Joshua Y'Barbo) invited our Postgraduate Community to submit works for an exhibition at the 2016 Expo. There was also an opportunity for a group of students from different Masters courses and colleges to work together on the logistics, hang and curation of the exhibition within the Expo programme.

  • EXTRA: CULT - Installation/ Performance/ Dance/ Sound Piece

    Elements from the works of Rachmaninoff, Wagner and Walter Benjamin provide some narrative and atmosphere to a sinister fantasy about a murdering Mexican Shaman called Pavel - all choreographed within a vision of a bloodied futuristic utopia. With help from the UAL Enhanced 'EXTRA' Postgraduate Communities Fund, postgraduate students from Performance Design, Sound Art, Book Arts and Photography are collaborating on the production of a touring show to be shown across Europe in 2016 including Schulz, Berlin, Santarém, Oslo, Lisbon and London.